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FintechZoom positions the best neobanks in light of different factors, such as user experience, features, client support, and development. Due to their user-friendly mobile apps, user-friendly interfaces, and innovative banking features, Neobanks such as Monzo, N26, and Revolut frequently rank high. 

These neobanks offer administrations, for example, continuous spending warnings, planning devices, charge-free worldwide cash moves, and consistent record opening cycles. Furthermore, they focus on consumer loyalty and constantly endeavour to work on their contributions to meet the developing necessities of present-day purchasers. Accordingly, they are profoundly respected by FintechZoom and its users for their benefit, availability, and obligation to advancement in the fintech business.

Top 13 Neobanks of 2024

FintechZoom Best Neobanks Top 13 Neobanks of 2024

Here are the top 13 neo-banks that are known worldwide:


Nubank is a main neobank situated in Brazil, known for its imaginative way of dealing with banking and its obligation to offer open financial types of assistance.

Established in 2013, Nubank has acquired fame for its easy-to-understand portable application, straightforward expense design, and client-driven approach. Nubank has likewise been lauded for its obligation to financial consideration, offering banking administrations to a great many Brazilians whom conventional banks had underserved. The bank’s advanced first methodology has empowered it to arrive at clients the nation over, remembering those for remote or rustic regions.


SoFi, short for Social Cash, is an undeniable fintech bank arranged in the US. Since its beginning in 2011, SoFi has extended its item and administration contributions to incorporate various monetary administrations as well as educational loan renegotiating. 

One of SoFi’s key features is its thorough set-up of financial instruments, which is expected to truly help clients manage their money even more. These devices incorporate individual credits, home credits, venture accounts, protection items, and a high-return investment account. SoFi likewise offers a versatile application that permits clients to get to their records, track their spending, and make instalments in a hurry. Even with its customary financial administrations, SoFi stands apart for its attention to monetary schooling and local area building. The organization has occasions and studios to assist clients with working on their monetary proficiency and offers advantages such as vocation instruction and organizing amazing open doors.

Tinkoff Bank

Oleg Tinkov established Tinkoff Bank in 2006. It is a leading digital bank with headquarters in Russia. It works on the web and portable stages, offering a different scope of financial services to both people and organizations. These administrations incorporate bank accounts, charges and Visas, loans, protection, and speculation items. 

Tinkoff Bank is eminent for its inventive way of dealing with banking, using innovation to convey helpful and customized encounters to its clients. The bank puts major areas of strength on consumer loyalty, giving highlights, for example, moment virtual card issuance, simulated intelligence-controlled monetary administration instruments, and nonstop client service. With its easy-to-understand connection point and obligation to mechanical headway, Tinkoff Bank has arisen as one of the most well-known computerized financial choices in Russia, serving a great many clients across the country.


Chime is a popular neobank in the US known for its not-difficult-to-utilize compact financial application and cost-free financial services. Since its beginning in 2013, Ring has set up a good foundation for itself as a famous decision for clients searching for an option in contrast to conventional banks. One of Chime’s champion elements is its emphasis on taking out normal financial expenses. 

The bank doesn’t charge overdraft expenses, month-to-month upkeep expenses, or at least equilibrium necessities, making it an alluring choice for people hoping to stay away from stowed-away charges. Moreover, Chime offers an early direct store. This is permitting clients to get to their checks as long as two days sooner than customary banks. The Chime mobile app offers a variety of features. These features make it easy for users to manage their finances. These elements incorporate versatile check stores, bill pay, distributed installments, and reserve funds apparatuses that assist clients with robotizing their reserve funds and constructing monetary solidity.

Ally Bank

Ally Bank is a noticeable online bank in the US, and it was established in 2009. Known for its client-driven approach, Ally offers a scope of banking items and administrations, including checking and bank accounts, declarations of the store (Compact discs), car support, home credits, and venture choices. Ally operates entirely online and through its mobile app, providing customers with convenient access to their accounts and financial services from anywhere. 

There are no physical branch locations. Customers can get the most out of their savings by taking advantage of the bank’s fee-free accounts and high-yield savings options, which give transparency and competitive rates top priority. Also, Ally is perceived for its easy-to-use advanced stage, powerful safety efforts, and responsive client assistance. Throughout the long term, Partner Bank has gained a standing as a solid and client-centered financial choice. It is serving a great many people and organizations across the US.


Revolut is a fintech organization situated in the UK. It is known for its portable application offering a set-up of financial administrations. Laid out in 2015, Revolut quickly acquired praise for its spearheading banking approach and commitment to conveying helpful and cost-proficient financial arrangements. Its champion component is the multi-cash account, empowering clients to hold, trade, and move cash in different monetary forms without stowed-away charges. 

This requests explorers and successive worldwide exchange clients, saving money on unfamiliar trade costs. Close to cash trade administrations, Revolut offers pre-loaded check cards, planning devices, digital money exchange, and protection items. Its mobile app offers security features like instant card freezing, real-time spending notifications, and insight into budgeting. Revolut’s imaginative, straightforward, and client-driven approach has earned a huge number of clients universally. It is laying out it as a main power in the fintech business.


N26 is a German-based neobank known for its easy-to-use versatile banking application and creative financial services. Laid out in 2013, N26 has become a famous decision for people looking for present-day financial arrangements. One of its outstanding elements is the capacity to open a record completely online in no time without the requirement of visiting an actual branch. 

N26 offers a scope of banking administrations, including financial records, bank accounts, speculation choices, and portable installment highlights. Budgeting tools, real-time transaction notifications, and seamless integration with other financial services are all available to users of its mobile app. Furthermore, N26 puts areas of strength on security, offering elements such as biometric validation and the capacity to flash lock and open cards. In general, N26 has collected a dedicated following for its straightforwardness, comfort, and obligation to give an issue-free financial experience.


Monzo is a UK-based digital bank that has acquired popularity for its imaginative way of dealing with banking and easy-to-use versatile application. Established in 2015, Monzo offers current elements and straightforwardness, drawing in clients looking for an issue-free financial experience. One of its key highlights is continuous spending notices, alarming clients of exchanges immediately to assist with dealing with their funds. Also, Monzo offers different monetary types of assistance, such as current records, investment accounts, and planning devices, all open through its naturally versatile application. 

Monzo focuses on security, offering highlights like biometric confirmation and moment card freezing. By and large, Monzo has turned into an unmistakable player in the computerized financial area, giving clients comfort, straightforwardness, and security in dealing with their funds.

Varo Bank

Varo Bank is a digital financial stage situated in the US, offering a scope of financial services through its portable application. Laid out in 2015, Varo has earned respect for its imaginative way of dealing with banking and its obligation to monetary consideration. One of its prominent elements is the Varo Ledger, which furnishes clients with admittance to elements such as no-expense banking, early direct store, and high-return investment accounts. 

Varo additionally offers apparatuses to assist clients with dealing with their funds actually, including planning devices and ongoing spending bits of knowledge. Moreover, Varo focuses on security, utilizing progressed encryption and validation measures to safeguard clients’ private and monetary data. Generally speaking, Varo Bank has turned into a well-known decision for people looking for helpful, reasonable, and secure financial involvement in the computerized age.

Starling Bank

Starling Bank is a primary digital bank in the United Kingdom, offering banking administrations through its compact application and site. Laid out in 2014 by Anne Boden, the bank outfits individual and business accounts with creative features like persistent trade notification and arranging mechanical assemblies. To safeguard customer data, it emphasizes security through biometric authentication and encryption. 

Starling Bank’s easy-to-understand point of interaction and client-centered approach deserves its prevalence among clients looking for current financial arrangements. The bank is known for its straightforward charge construction and obligation to monetary schooling, giving important experiences to assist clients with dealing with their funds. With its accentuation on development and client experience, Starling Bank has set up a good foundation for itself as an unmistakable player in the computerized financial area, serving people and organizations with helpful and solid financial administrations.

Atom Bank

Atom Bank is a digital financial bank settled in the United Kingdom, known for its creative way of dealing with banking administrations. Established in 2014, Atom Bank works only through its versatile banking application, furnishing clients with a scope of monetary items and administrations. One of its outstanding elements is the Atom Bank Investment account, offering cutthroat loan costs and adaptable reserve funds choices to assist clients with developing their cash. 

Moreover, Atom Bank offers fixed-rate home loans and business loaning arrangements, taking care of both individual and business clients. Atom Bank focuses on comfort and availability, permitting clients to deal with their funds whenever, anyplace, utilizing their cell phones. With an emphasis on client experience and mechanical development, Atom Bank has secured itself as a noticeable player in the computerized financial industry, giving clients a consistent and easy-to-use banking experience through its versatile application.


Upgrade is a digital banking platform situated in the US, offering a scope of financial items and services to assist clients with dealing with their funds. Laid out in 2017, Update gives admittance to individual advances, Mastercards, and financial records through its portable application and site. 

One of its outstanding highlights is the Redesign Card, which joins the adaptability of a Mastercard with the consistency of a portion credit, permitting clients to pay for buys over the long haul with fixed regularly scheduled installments. In addition, Upgrade provides users with free tools for education. It  provides credit monitoring to help them in increasing their financial literacy and achieving their financial objectives. Upgrade seeks to provide clients with the tools and assets they need to take control of their financial future by emphasizing simplicity, ease, and client strengthening.


WeBank is a digital banking platform. This was begin in China in 2014 by Tencent Holdings Limited. It only operates through computerized channels. It provides a wide range of financial services, including investment accounts, loans, wealth management, and security. Using state-of-the-art innovations like artificial reasoning and blockchain, WeBank intends to give creative and proficient financial answers to its clients. One of its essential goals is to advance monetary consideration by offering available financial administrations to underserved populations in China. 

Through its easy-to-understand, versatile application and site, WeBank gives its clients helpful and consistent financial encounters, permitting them to deal with their funds whenever and anywhere. With its obligation to mechanical progression and monetary openness, WeBank has arisen as a main computerized financial stage in China, engaging people to assume command over their monetary prosperity.


FintechZoom has recognized and positioned the top neobanks overall in view of different factors, such as client experience, highlights, client assistance, and advancement. Neobanks like Nubank, SoFi, and Tinkoff Bank have arisen as pioneers in the computerized financial space because of their obligation to give imaginative and easy-to-understand banking arrangements. 

These neobanks offer many administrations, including constant spending warnings, planning apparatuses, expense-free global cash moves, and consistent record opening cycles. With their emphasis on consumer loyalty and nonstop improvement, these neobanks have acquired prevalence among clients worldwide. 

As the fintech business keeps on developing, these neobanks are supposed to assume a critical part in forming the fate of banking by offering helpful, open, and imaginative monetary administrations to shoppers all over the planet.

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